Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Top 10 Literary Agents for Science Fiction Novels

Top 10 Literary Agents for Science Fiction Novels

1. Ginger Clark, Literary Agent
Curtis Brown Ltd. Literary Agency
Address: 10 Astor Place, New York, Ny 10003
Email: Does not accept queries via e-mail

2. Elaine Koster, Literary Agent
Elaine Koster Literary Agency LLC
Address: 55 Central Park West, Suite No. 6, New York, NY 10023

3. Elizabeth Pomada, Literary Agent
Michael Larsen/Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agents
Address: 1028 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

4. Noah Lukeman, Literary Agent
Lukeman Literary Management Ltd.
Address: 101 N. Seventh Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

5. Jonathan Lyons, Literary Agent
McIntosh & Otis Inc.
Address: 353 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016

6. Randi Murray, Literary Agent
Randi Murray Literary Agency Inc.
Address: 1325 Howard Avenue, Suite 619, Burlingame, CA 94010
Email: Does not accept queries via e-mail

7. Mollie Glick, Literary Agent
Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency Inc.
Address: 216 E. 75th Street, Suite 1E, New York, NY 10021

8. Theresa Park, Literary Agent
The Park Literary Group LLC
Address: 156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1134, New York, NY 10010
Email: Does not accept queries via e-mail

9. Susan Ann Protter, Literary Agent
Susan Ann Protter Literary Agency
Address: 110 West 40th Street, Suite 140B, New York, NY 10018

10. James Schiavone, Ed.D, Literary Agent
Schiavone Literary Agency
Address: 236 Trails End, West Palm Beach, FL 33413



Xavier said...

You have given the top ten agents for science fiction but have not given their websites

Unknown said...

Only #1 represents sci-fi and/or fantasy. All other represent other genres. It took me an hour to double check this. Save yourself the trouble.

T. M. Crone said...

Elaine Koster is dead, and most of the others do not handle SciFi.