Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rosemary B. Stimola Literary Agent Profile

Rosemary B. Stimola runs her own literary agency in Edgewater, New Jersey.
Stimola has a B.A. in Elementary Education/Theoretical Linguistics from Queens College, a M.A. in Applied Linguistics from New York University and a Ph.D. in Linguistics/Educational Psychology from New York University.
She enjoys representing pre-school through young adult fiction and non-fiction.
Writers may query Stimola at this address:

Ms. Rosemary B. Stimola, Literary Agent
306 Chase Court
Edgewater, New Jersey 07020

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Slugs said...

I love to read comments from authors. Unfortunately, there are precious few listed on these pages. So I decided to leave one of my very own.

The weather is still hot here in the Midwest. We've had too much rain, which has the grass growing out of hand to the point I may have to buy a goat to keep up. With my luck, however, a goat would probably spend most of its time on the roof of the house eating the shingles and completely ignore the grass.

This comment has nothing at all to do with writing, authors or agents, but it is a comment nevertheless.

Sumner Wilson